Originally inspired by reading Nick Cave’s And the Ass Saw the Angel as a teenager, Adam immediately began to pen the novel that would later become The Caterpillar Girl. Set in 1989, The East Midlands countryside that Adam grew up in form the backdrop for the story. The woods, the numerous pubs, the villages and towns mentioned are all real, existing places. Adam says: “The book was described by one reader as ‘Cider With Rosie meets Stephen King’ I think this sums The Caterpillar Girl up perfectly – that mix of young, innocent love in a rural, English setting, coupled with an underlying darkness that is determined to claw its way to the surface and escape. And it does!” 


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The Caterpillar Girl

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  • The long, hot summer of 1989. A teenage boy and girls' paths cross purely by chance. But Jack is no ordinary boy - brought up in isolation and hidden from the world till the age of sixteen; a dirty secret, his father's cross to bear. Music mad Daisy sees it as her duty to introduce Jack to the real world - and a lot more besides along the way - a task easier said than done with Jack's numerous phobias and fears. But as the summer goes on and the temperature rises, so does the body count, as together they search for the truth of Jack’s real identity.

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