Adam’s desire to write Seaside Skeletons, sequel to The Caterpillar Girl, was very much driven, in his own words, by “all the lovely people that read and enjoyed the first novel.”

It was always his intention to write a sequel, even a third book to form a trilogy – that’s why The Caterpillar Girl finished on a bit of a cliffhanger – but whether there would be an audience for this, he was unsure of.

Adam says: “I got that many personal messages and requests for a sequel from people that read the first book, it was quite overwhelming. I felt that I couldn’t disappoint! So, it gave me great pleasure to pen the next instalment of Jack and Daisy’s lives, two characters that mean so much to me, and are very much part of who I am. I love writing about them, they have pretty much taken on a life of their own; they talk to me, I know what they are thinking.”

The action in Seaside Skeletons picks up straightaway from where The Caterpillar Girl finishes, so if you haven’t read the first book, Adam strongly recommends you do so.

Seaside Skeletons

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  • You can run from the skeletons of your past. But sometimes they have a habit of finding you...

    After watching his family home burn to the ground, Jack, a teenage boy brought up in isolation, makes a dash for the English coast.

    In his wake, he leaves three dead bodies. A raft of evidence leading to him. And his distraught sweethear, Daisy - fiercly loyal and carrying the heavy burden of a secret.

    Who will catch up with him first? Daisy? The police? Is Jack guilty of any crime?

    And whose is that black car that's following him around...?

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